Interview with Ryukyu Shimpo (Roger Yamada)

Hai-tai and Aloha!

Here’s a note about my son, Roger Yamada, with Ryukyu Shimpo which is now published. This is the Japanese version.

For those of you with kids, nephews/nieces, or grandchildren or even friends in school, I am sure you know they don’t eat well and get so mentally or physically busy they neglect eating properly.   So I will be working on a care package to mail him soon.  Please remember these kids are also working hard and to include them in your prayers, mail them a note, a box, and stay in touch more than just with a mere phone call or text.  A fruit basket or healthy snacks are great ideas as it saves them time going out to get snacks and readily sitting there in their room so hopefully they do eat.  Time will fly by and soon, it will be Spring Break. For Roger, that will be early March.

Well, I will work on an Eigo (English) version and post that when I can.

Thank you very much.  Ippe nifee debriu.

Tuigwaa-chan (chirp chirping away in the cold~)


About Tuigwaa-chan

Searching for my Okinawan identity through sanshin and ryubu (dance), and hope to inspire our younger generation to take a more active role. I also advocate education and when appropriate homeschooling.

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