Hatoma Bushi 鳩間節 ~ 2nd Chance (continued)

Hai-tai and Aloha!  Chirp~

Here’s what I remembered dancing in Hawaii.    It will take me time to get back into actively performing,  so here’s something I can watch to monitor my progress.

My description:
The next dance is a popular Okinawan dance called Hatoma Bushi.  This is a young man’s dance which has some karate like movements and it is full of rhythm and spirit.   The dancer proudly portrays  the beauty and pride in his island of Hatoma which is one of the outer islands of the Yaeyama Island group.   This lively dance also portrays a good harvest and praise to the lush green trees, ample grain.  Off in the distance are sailing ships which are being waved at.  Here’s Hatoma Bushi.

Thank you for listening to my chirps and watching this small bird dance!

Tuigwaa-chan 😉




About Tuigwaa-chan

Searching for my Okinawan identity through sanshin and ryubu (dance), and hope to inspire our younger generation to take a more active role. I also advocate education and when appropriate homeschooling.

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