Okinawan Dance – My 2nd Chance

Hai-tai (Hello) Mina-san (everyone).

Yes, I know its been awhile since I have chirped.  Due to personal events, planning for our local Okinawan activities here in Virginia which will occur later in April, and just a host of things, well, my chirps have been only whispers.  Sorry about that.  Over the summer,  I hope to get back to flying high again and chirping.  😉

Here’s the latest… I recently had the opportunity to perform Okinawan dance again. While growing up in Hawaii, I danced extensively but that was some time ago.  So here’s my 2nd chance at Okinawan dance which is such a blessing and gift.

Well, thank you for watching.

Take care,

Chirp Chirp ~



About Tuigwaa-chan

Searching for my Okinawan identity through sanshin and ryubu (dance), and hope to inspire our younger generation to take a more active role. I also advocate education and when appropriate homeschooling.

2 responses to “Okinawan Dance – My 2nd Chance”

  1. toranosuke says :

    Beautiful dancing! I’ve started studying/practicing Okinawan dance this term… I’m really no good at it, but I’m enjoying it. For our Pau Hana concert here at UH Manoa in a few weeks, we’ll be dancing Shundô bushi (a traditional piece), and Akayura (a sort of eisa/teeku piece). Sad that I probably won’t end up finding a dance teacher when I return to the mainland…

    • Tuigwaa-chan says :

      Wow! That is great that you are learning these dances. I sure hope you are able to continue somehow on the mainland. I’d love to see the performance but being in VA that’s difficult. Hopefully you can video them so that one day you can show your family and reflect upon. After all, time passes by so quickly. I wish you well for your performance. It sounds like it will be dynamic!

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