Okinawa Times Article ~ Nakasone Sensei (my 1st ryubu teacher)


Well, I am not sure if I should be happy or disappointed.  I just saw the article in the Okinawa Times.  If my translation from Google is correct, it states that I commented how Nakasone Sensei was “strict”.    This is not true.

Unfortunately, I do not speak or read Japanese,  but rather studying on my own when I find time.

Please know, please hear my voice now.  I have fond memories of my first dance instructor, Sensei Nakasone.  I believe her caring, kind, and tender words and gentle manner is what helped further my interest in Okinawan dance.  She was not strict, not ever with me.

I was asked to make a statement as someone I know was writing a short article.   In response to her article request, here’s what I sent her via email.

“It was truly a very pleasurable experience for me to meet my first ryubu instructor as she made a positive impression with me. One of my first dances that I learned was called Asadoya Yunta which was also one of my most enjoyable dances and made such a positive impression.   I still remember it after all these years!       It was also very delightful to meet an acquaintance of my mother, Mr. Sandaa.  Especially as I haven’t seen my mother in nearly 10 years!    I am again delighted to have been a part of welcoming her, Sandaa, and the group to the DC area.  At times like this, it truly seems like a small world after all.”

Here’s the article.

Please know that I was very happy to see Sensei Nakasone after all these years.

With blessings to my first dance sensei and her family as well as a Happy Thanksgiving wish to everyone,



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Searching for my Okinawan identity through sanshin and ryubu (dance), and hope to inspire our younger generation to take a more active role. I also advocate education and when appropriate homeschooling.

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