Searching for my Okinawan identity (Fukuhara 普久原) through sanshin 三線 and odori (dance), and hope to inspire our younger generation to take a more active role. Our parents and elders have so much to share (knowledge and experience) and Okinawan love to teach and share with all of us.

Unfortunately, often times these things are taken for granted (unappreciated) and thus the valuable richness of Okinawan culture may become lost and ultimately diluted as less and less tradition is emphasized or even remembered.

Thus on a side note, I hope to sponsor and advocate the integrity of tradition and traditional (classics) arts/culture while enjoying and promoting creative contemporary aspects so that the two are separate and distinct and not blended for everyone to enjoy and share. (hope that made sense)

My pursuit has been driven in memory of my dad and now shared with my mother; my second chance that us (kids) forget as we seek our own independence and forget what we are or become disinterested in respecting where we came from. Yes…. there’s a deep thought. Well, I am fortunate to have time to devote to my passion in Okinawan studies, a supportive husband and family who has the stamina and humor to take in all that I enjoy sharing.

Follow the small bird, follow me, Tuigwaa-chan.


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