*This page will constantly be updated – these are my recommendations from AMAZON.COM*

Okinawan Culture and Language

Folktales of Okinawa by Shoji Endo

The Ghosts of Okinawa by Jayne A. Hitchcock

Okinawan-English Wordbook  by Mitsugu Sakihara

The Power of Okinawa by John Potter

A Teaching Unit on Okinawan Culture by Farrington Community School for Adults/HUOA

Textile Art of Okinawa: Collection of Okinawa by Reiko Mochinaga Brandon

Okinawan Culture and Language (MOVIES)

The Last Assistant Doctor / Niseisha to yobarete: Okinawa Saigo no ikaiho (Japanese Movie, English Subtitle) (DVD)

Learning Japanese

My First Guide to Hiragana Activity Book by Yuko Green

With Love and Aloha (Hawaii)

How to make Hawaiian Ribbon Leis by Coreen Iwamoto and Jim Widess


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